District Committee Application

About District Committees

District Standing Committees are: Service, Club Building, Membership, Awards and Recognition, Kiwanis Family Relations, Conferences and Conventions, Information Technology, and On to International Convention. Additionally, your District Board has chosen to have Ad-Hoc Committees on Marketing and Fundraising.

Service Committee
The Service Committee shall enable and promote service throughout the Alabama District. The Service Committee consists of: Chairperson; International Service Initiative and Service Partners Coordinator; District Project Liaison; and Committee Members.

Club Building Committee
The Club Building Committee shall enable and promote new club building and club reactivation throughout the Alabama District. The Club Building Committee consists of: Chairperson; HBCU Growth Coordinator; Faith-Based Growth Coordinator; Community College Growth Coordinator

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee shall maintain and improve all training manuals, ensure members are educated on the objects and tenets of Circle K throughout the Alabama District, and serve to advertise, promote and market the Alabama District, District Conventions and Conferences and District Initiatives throughout the Alabama District..
The Membership Committee consists of: Chairperson; New Member Education Coordinator; Training Director; and Committee Members.

Awards and Recognition Committee
The Awards and Recognition Committee shall coordinate and provide opportunities for recognizing achievements of the Circle K members and clubs of the Alabama District through support for International Awards, promotion of District Awards and various recognition programs throughout the Administrative Year. This committee shall consist of: Chairperson; International Awards Coordinator; District Awards Coordinator; Recognition Coordinator; and Committee Members.

Kiwanis Family Relations Committee
The Kiwanis Family Relations Committee shall promote the Circle K movement to Kiwanis, Key Club, Builders Club, K-Kids, and Aktion Club at both the district and club levels. The committee consists of a chairperson and other members deemed appropriate.

Conferences and Conventions Committee
The Conferences and Conventions Committee shall assist the District Board of Officers with planning the promotional materials, registration materials, and agendas for Alabama Leadership Academy and District Convention.
This committee consists of: Chairperson/District Convention Coordinator; Alabama Leadership Academy Coordinator; and Committee Members.

Information Technology Committee
The IT Committee works to maintain and update the technical architecture the supports the Alabama District and its clubs. The Information Technology Committee consists of: Chairperson; Event Registration Coordinator; Web Support Coordinator; and Email and Communication Support Coordinator.

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