For clarity’s sake, this information is included here, but this decision does not affect the Alabama District’s Alabama Leadership Academy in the Fall.  

If you are looking for a summer opportunity, don’t forget about CKIx, the Circle K International Convention and Large Scale Service Project. The full information on CKIx in Toronto, prepared for 2016 International Convention Tour Director Jessica Bloom, is posted at

See the following note from Chris Martz, Circle K International Director:

Circle K International and the Kiwanis International Foundation have made the decision to put Circle K International Leadership Academy on hiatus.

Over the past several years, CKI Leadership Academy has been a successful program that has shaped many CKI leaders. During this time the costs have risen to provide this programming and registration numbers have declined. Even with a grant from the Kiwanis International Foundation, the program is a major expense for the organization..

With these factors in mind, CKI Leadership Academy will be on a temporary hiatus starting in 2016.

This action provides an opportunity for CKI staff and leaders to look at the needs of personal development of our members and examine new curriculum models. CKI would like to return as soon as possible with a revised program that best meets the needs of our members. Circle K also wishes to work with the Kiwanis corporate relations department to secure additional sources of funding for the enhanced program.

As we look to the future of our programming, several Leadership Academy alumni, facilitators, and volunteers will be asked to help create the next version of an experiential learning experience for CKI members.

Thank you for your understanding about this decision and our commitment to being strategically and fiscally responsible to the clubs and members of Circle K International.