District Goals

Every year, the Alabama District Board of Officers sets the District Goals. These goals are generally set at the beginning of the CKI year and are what the District strives to reach for the whole year. Below are this year’s goals for the District:

This year, our target membership to reach is 500 Circle K members across the District.

New Chartered Clubs
This year, our goal is to charter 6 new clubs. The District Board of Officers has identified several target campuses that we will focus on.

Event Attendance
This year, our target attendance for each of our events is:

  • 50 members present at Club Officer Development Conference
  • 15 members attend ICON
  • 5 members apply for Leadership academy
  • 55 members attend Tri-K Day
  • 55 members attend Alabama Leadership Academy
  • 125 members attend District Convention

This year, our fundraising goals are to raise $1200 for the Eliminate Project and $6000 for Jean Dean Reading Is Fundamental. To reach this amount, we have set Divisional goals as well as a goal for the District Board:

  • Capital Division goal of $100
  • Foothills Division goal of $500
  • Gulf Division goal of $300
  • Plains Division goal of $300
  • Valley Division goal of $200
  • Vulcan Division goal of $1000
  • Warrior Division goal of $3500
  • Wiregrass Division goal of $200

Service Hours
This year, our goal is to perform 10,000 hours of service in our communities.

Kiwanis Family Relations
This year, our goal is to have 10 Interclub events and 1500 Kiwanis Family Relations hours.