District Goals

Every year, the Alabama District Board of Officers sets the District Goals. These goals are generally set at the beginning of the CKI year and are what the District strives to reach for the whole year. Below are this year’s goals for the District:

This year, our target membership to reach is 270 Circle K members across the District.

Event Attendance
The target attendance for each of our events is:

  • 15 members at ICON, CKIx
  • 45 members at Alabama Leadership Academy
  • 55 members at District Convention

This year, our fundraising goals are to raise $2000 for Brick by Brick, an international project with UNICEF USA to help convert plastic waste into bricks for classroom construction. Read more about it here.

Service Hours
With your help, we hope to perform 3,000 hours of service in our communities.

Kiwanis Family Relations
This year, our goal is to have 30 Inter-club events and attend 35 Kiwanis family events. There must be at least two clubs present with at least two members from each in order for the event to be considered “inter-club” or “K-Fam.”

Here are some other goals that the District Board hopes to work on:

  • Retention and recruitment.
  • Maximizing opportunities & having resources for clubs to thrive.
  • Being present.
  • Being proactive about the new dues structure.
  • Communication in all aspects.
  • Reactivating clubs.