Everyone enjoys a good movie with friends. But who can afford those movie theater prices? #PoorCollegeStudent

What if you could earn a free movie night with your Circle K friends? And not just a free movie. Free popcorn and a free drink, too! How can you get this sweet deal? Complete the Movies 4 Members challenge.

This semester the District Board is challenging every club to grow by 20%. For each club that reaches this goal, the District Board will come host a free movie night for you and your club. We’ll even bring the popcorn and refreshments. Sound like a lot? Not really! For most clubs this is only an increase of a few members.

Movies 4 Members Chart

The challenge in a nutshell:

  • Gain the number of members indicated in the chart
  • Pay for members through the Membership Update Center
  • Get recognition and a free movie night!

So what are you waiting for? Hold an interest meeting, run a recruitment table, bring a friend to your next Circle K meeting! Whatever you do, strive to grow by 20% to earn your #Movies4Members

Do you have questions or need help with recruiting? Feel free to contact District Governor Stephanie Fox, Club Building Chair Jessica Bloom, or any member of the District Board for assistance.