Are you attending CKIx as a voting delegate? If so, now is the time to read about the members who have declared their candidacy for international office. Remember, as a voting delegate you will vote for the offices of international president, vice president, international trustee-at-large and your subregion trustee.

The following CKI members have declared candidacy for international office by the April 27 deadline. These candidates will be included in the House of Delegates printed materials as well as the first round of formal caucusing at CKIx. You may view each candidate’s campaign literature by clicking on his or her name. You may also visit the Elections, Amendments and Resolutions landing page on

Emily Bagwell
Emma Betz
Calvin Charles
Loyce Chin
Jessica Davis
Shannon Feeney
Amanda Ferster
Mak Hozo
Brian Kenny
Andrew Liguez
Cedrick Mah
Sara Nguyen
Daniel Norwood
Clara Oh
Jennifer Park
Racheile Ricklefs
Benjamin Romano
Kyler Tagupa
Vy Tran
Camille Tyler
Katie Wyslocky