Are you attending CKIx as a voting delegate? If so, now is the time read over the proposed amendments to the bylaws. As a voting delegate you will vote on each of the proposed amendments to the bylaws.

The following bylaw amendments were submitted prior to Monday, April 27, 2015 for consideration by the 2015 House of Delegates in Indianapolis. Please click on each amendment to review proposed changes.

Amendment 1 – Article 6, Section 5
Amendment 2 – Article 12, Section 4
Amendment 3 – Article 14, Section 1
Amendment 4 – Article 14, Section 3
Amendment 5 – Article 17, Section 3
Amendment 6 – Article 19, Section 5
Amendment 7 – Article 18, Section 2

Be sure to look over the proposed amendments before the House of Delegates on Thursday, June 25 and make an informed decision concerning each proposed change.

Proposed amendments can also be found in the Elections, Amendments and Resolutions landing page on the CKIx website.