As Lieutenant Governor Justin Crofoot stated in his wonderful S.M.A.R.T. Goals blog post, “Circle K doesn’t stop in the summer!” A successful club is built and strengthened from great, year-round recruitment. Through out this summer, the University of South Alabama and Alabama Southern Community College have been recruiting at all of their school’s summer orientation sessions! They’ve used posters, flyers, Facebook, emails, and simple, meaningful conversation to engage potential members at their recruitment tables! By the 4th orientation session (out of 12), Phiwat and Gabriel, USA’s Vice President and Bulletin Editor, had collected a total of almost 100 interested student’s emails. Alabama Southern Community College Circle K also had several interested students at their summer’s first orientation session! All Circle K clubs can be successful at recruitment events simply by standing up and being inviting. Let your peers know why you joined Circle K International and why they should too!