Attendees of CKIx 2015 completed 4,500 hours of community service around the Indianapolis area. The largest community service projected was termed “Extreme Neighborhood Makeover” and included multiple projects around the Hawthorne and Haughville neighborhoods. Circle K’ers helped to clean up neighborhood parks and community centers, cleaned up neighborhood streets of weeds and trash, painted murals in the community, and even spent some time with the local children they were volunteering for. There were so many Circle K’ers out doing great service that the Indianapolis newspaper, the IndyStar, even featured them. There was a lot of publicity of the “Extreme Neighborhood Makeover” and Shayna Cole (Indiana District Governor) represented Circle K International well in interviews at the project sites.

Wrapping up service to the Indianapolis community, CKI members branched out to nine organizations across the city on Friday, June 26 to perform service including Ronald McDonald House, Faith Hope Love; 24 Hours of Booty, St. Vincent de Paul food pantry, Coburn Place, Exodus Refugee, Teacher’s Treasures, Gigi’s Playhouse, and at Gleaners the group made history as the most food sorted in one day, setting the record at 32,504 pounds of food sorted. The warehouse now has an honorary LSSP shirt with every volunteer’s signature that will hang in the office.

The delegates of the 2015 convention elected the following individuals to serve for the 2015-16 board of trustees: President Racheile Ricklefs (Florida District); Vice President Jessica Davis (Indiana District); Trustee-At-Large Calvin Charles (Capital District); Subregion A Trustee Cedrick Mah (Western Canada District); Subregion B Trustee Jennifer Park (California-Nevada-Hawaii District); Subregion C Trustee Emily Bagwell (Michigan District); Subregion D Trustee Sara Nguyen (Missouri-Arkansas District); Subregion E Trustee Amanda Ferster (Pennsylvania District); Subregion F Trustee Vy Tran (Capital District); and Subregion G Trustee Camille Tyler (Carolinas District)

Passed Amendments:

  • all amendments passed

  • there was one amendment to an amendment: It was moved that Amendment 7 be reworded to “When the majority of the club votes to do so, the club may choose to elect members to committee chairs”.

    • The amendment was made to Article 8, section 2: Club committees. The original amendment stated: “The club also may choose to elect members for positions of committees where 50% of the club votes to electing members of positions of committees”.

    • the amendment to the amendment passed

On Saturday morning, Circle K’ers got up bright and early to attend convention workshops. Workshops varied between topics on service and volunteerism to professional skills. Members learned about planning events, managing a budget, how to “chill out” and de-stress, and how to set and achieve fitness goals. There was a diverse set of workshops to attend and some members were even able to do one three-hour workshop where they had just $200 and planned a service project and executed it all at one time.

The entire Kiwanis family came together for an Indianapolis Indians baseball game on Friday evening complete with fireworks. President Kathy Le played one of the on-the-field games and Kiwanis president Dr. John Button and executive president Stan Soderstrom threw the first pitch at the game. Kiwanis and Circle K members were joined by Key Club and Aktion Club attendees at the game.

Delegates to the convention were also treated to a concert by hellogoodbye and A Great Big Pile of Leaves. During the concert lead singer of Hellogoodbye, Forrest Kline, wore a Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF box during the performance and even crowd surfed in it. The band also allowed students to come on stage and interact with the band for most of the performance. The band closed the show with an entertaining rendition of Happy Birthday for Kiwanis International. Circle K’ers and Key Clubbers alike had a great time enjoying the music and celebrating the end of convention.

The closing session honored distinguished district leaders and recognized club award recipients. Award Winners are posted online.