By hmcalister

November is Kiwanis Family Month! The Kiwanis International Board of Trustees has set aside the month of November for Kiwanis family members everywhere to increase involvement and interaction on every level of the organization — Kiwanis Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, Circle K, Aktion Club, and Kiwanis as well as those students who participate in Key Leader, Bring Up Grades, and Terrific Kids.

The Kiwanis Family Relations Committee has been working diligently to provide member education, contests and ways for members to promote their Kiwanis Family affiliation during the month of November. Here are some of the items your committee has provided for you:

Got K-Family Kwestions?

The 2015-2016 CKI Kiwanis Family Relations committee presents you with an informational webinar, featuring a dynamic duo: Camille Tyler, our committee secretary, and Nick Stringfellow, our Kiwanis Ambassador! K-Family Month (November) is an entire month dedicated to strengthening and celebrating our bonds with the entire K-Family. This webinar recording includes K-Family facts, service project ideas, and advice on how to collaborate with different branches of the K-Family. Have more K-Family Kwestions? Feel free to contact the CKI Kiwanis Family Relations committee at

Listen to the webinar at your convenience and learn more about the Kiwanis Family!

Photo Challenge Contest

The committee is holding a photo challenge contest for the month of November as well. To qualify for the contest, the member (that’s you) must post in the “Kiwanis Family Month” event page with a photo of their K-Family interaction with a caption. You can post as many times as you want! At the end of the month, the committee will look at all the photos and award a prize for the best picture for each branch of the K-Family: K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, CKI, Kiwanis and Aktion Club. Six prizes will be awarded! Winners will receive CKI swag from the committee.

Show your K-Family pride

The committee has developed two cover photos for social media so you can show your K-Family pride! Download these cover photos and show your love for the Kiwanis family!

Need Kiwanis Family Month ideas?

Over the past week, we have been providing ideas to help your club celebrate Kiwanis Family Month via social media. Here are all our ideas in one place:

Kiwanis Family Talking Points

Don’t miss the upcoming social media posts we have planned highlighting talking points for each Kiwanis Family program! Look for those next week on Facebook and throughout the month on Twitter.

The committee also has a few surprises in store for the month, so don’t miss out! Check the CKI social media pages and have a great Kiwanis Family Month!